Monday, 12 December 2011

Weekends fly by

I didn't get chance to update at the weekend, it has been quite hectic... Or maybe I have just been really lazy, either way, I shall update now with all of my weekend fun!

I had my work Christmas party on Friday night, after rushing around trying to get myself looking okay I completely forgot to take a picture of my very pretty dress!  (So I stole one someone else took!)

We went to Rosso in Manchester, which was quite posh (for me!!)  Here is my outfit etcetc:

I wore this lovely white lace dress which I somehow managed to refrain from spilling my tomato and pepper soup down.

I also opted for these amazing shoes, which are quite high for me as I normally go for flats or quite a low heel.  These were really cheap from New Look which is also a bonus!  I love their shoes as I normally just end up trashing any shoes, especially ballet pumps so New Look is really good for everyday shoes.

Then for the rest of the weekend I just ate far too much and chilled out.  I am currently reading I heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk, who I am loving at the moment, her books just cheer you up and make you laugh so I'm sure you can imagine how lazy my weekend has been.

Only 9 working days left till Christmas, I am so excited, I am spending it in Wales this year with Mike's family, so that should be a nice change and break.

Work today has been tedious, I was having one of those days where all I wanted was to go home and hibernate.

Here is my outfit of choice for today - I just needed comfort so skinny jeans and a little checked shirt it was!

I don't often wear much make up for work so apologies for that!

Anyway, I have a few new products to show you soon so I shall keep updated.



  1. wow, I like the red lips on you!

    Thanks for being one of my newest followers. Keep an eye on my blog, as there will be a giveaway this month.

    Love, Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inspiration'

  2. awh i love the shoes! so cute :)
    haha, if i was you and eating soup, that white dress wouldn't have stayed white for very long... xo

  3. Thank you, I don't often wear red on my lips for fear of ending up with it smeared all over my face and not noticing! And I'll be sure to keep watch on your blog!

    Thanks Amy - I'm surprised I didn't end up pouring it down myself, I'm usually really clumsy! I was extra careful though!

  4. nice shoes ;) and blog. maybe we could follow each other :)

  5. You look lovely- really like your lipstick! Those shoes are lush xxx