Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Soap & Glory face scrubs/masks & daily update

I'm feeling a bit better today, just very snotty (nice) I have been sat at work with my hot water bottle all day which was nice and toasty!

Half way day is over, only two days until the weekend!  I have plans to meet up with some friends Friday evening, which I am looking forward to, it's an excuse to get dressed up and spend time with some of my favourite people.  I have a new sequin dress from Topshop which I may wear - it's very festive!

I thought I would post a quick personal review of some of my favourite soap & glory products.  I get really bad dry/flaky skin in the winter so I have to really keep on top of my skincare routine!  Damn winter!

Anyway, here are my favourite soap & glory scrubs/face masks:

First of all Soap & Glory Scrub your nose in it.  I really love this product, it is a face scrub which can also be a clay type mask if you want to leave it on for a bit longer.  It has that minty fresh tingle as well which feels like it really is unclogging your pores.  It leaves your skin feeling really polished and squeeky clean afterwards, I think this is possibly my favourite face scrub ever!

One of my other favourites which I ave only recently purchased is the Soap & Glory No clogs allowed.  This one is more of a face mask and I really love this product!  When you put it on it's a self heat mask so it has a really nice warming feel to it.  It also turns blue when it is activated (it comes out white at first) this obviously intrigued and amazed me haha!  You can then use it as a scrub at first and then leave it on for a further three minutes for really clean skin!  You also get a little pink sponge with it to sponge it off afterwards.

And last but not least - Soap & Glory the greatest scrub of all.  This is also a face scrub, kind of like the scrub your nose in it, except it doesn't have that tingly minty sensation.  It comes out white and has loads of little beads which pop on your skin.  This is also a really good face scrub and leaves your skin feeling all kinds of smooth afterwards!

All in all I would say that all three are really good products, if I had to chose only one, I think I would go for the S&G no clogs allowed as it is a scrub and a face mask all in one (plus you get the cute sponge!)

Another little product that is keeping me going this winter:

This stuff is literally my life saver at the moment, my lips are so chapped because of all the cold and wind.  If I keep applying this everyday, my lips are nice and moisturised for the weekend when I tend to abuse them with lipstick and lip gloss.  (My lips are always more crackly after a weekend of applying lip gloss - doesn't seem to stop me though).

Anyway I have written an essay here so I will give up now and get another early night I think.  I will also post some more fashion/clothes related posts when I stop living in skinny jeans and over sized cardigans in an attempt to keep warm!

Roll on summer!
Lots of love, take care


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  2. ooh I really want to try 'scrub your nose in it', they've never got it in my Boots! I've got 'the greatest scrub of all' and 'no clogs allowed'- love them both! x

  3. sorry, not sure how I managed to post that twice haha! x

  4. These products sound pretty good! We have some soap and glory here in Canada. I'll have to go and check them out.



  5. I really like Soap & Glory products :) x