Monday, 6 February 2012

Chapped peeling lips *sob*

So I have neglected this blog for a while - apologies for that!

Anyway, I have been keeping busy as usual!  I had a nice trip out to the Trafford Centre on Saturday.  Topshop currently has some beautiful clothing in, all in pretty summery pastel shades.  I bought a really cute pair of pink and white hot pants and a cute bra-let floral crop top.  I also got some AMAZING pink glitter ballet pumps.  I have been looking for pink glitter ballet pumps for ages, they are so cute!

I so won't be getting any wear out of these for the next 4 months judging on the weather!  So much for buying accordingly!

Anyway, enough of my blabbering and back to the point of this blog!

My lips are SO chapped at the moment, it is driving me crazy!  Nothing I have been using is working, and I do look after my lips, I never leave the house without some kind of lip balm.  Ever.  I usually carry my carmex with me everywhere, but that is just not helping at all.

They are chapped to the point where they just crack and chap the moment my lip balm wears off so I am constantly having to reapply lip balm all day.  It is horrendous and I can't go without applying lip balm as they irritate me and I end up licking my lips and making it ten times worse! :(

It is impossible to wear lipstick at the moment as it just highlights the problem and looks horrific.

So, I have had ENOUGH!!! I have been doing a little research and am trying a number of different things.  At the moment I am trying E45 cream as it seems to work miracles for other dry skin problems (I'm not sure if you're meant to wear it on your lips but I'm so fed up I am giving it a go!)

I will let you know how I get on with the E45.  I am going to apply a layer tonight before I go to bed because apparently that's the best time for healing them as you are not eating or constantly wearing the balm off.

If anyone else has any good tips, please, please, please let me know as it is driving me crazy!  I hall be forever in your debt!

I will  let you know how I get on and also let you know any other secrets I find along the way!